Computer Virus Removal Procedures

by Keith Williams

Before you start looking for ways to remove a virus you think is on your computer system, let's first investigate what problems you are having and why you think you might have a virus. Ask yourself a few basic questions first. Is your computer running slower than normal? Have certain programs or features begun to act abnormally, for instance freezing in the middle of operation or spontaneously opening and closing without being instructed to do so? Are you receiving continuous or constant pop-up interruptions in the form of advertisements? Are you being redirected to irrelevant websites while trying to use a search engine to access a specific web page? All of these occurrences can indicate the presence of a virus on your computer.

What should you do once you've discovered a virus on your computer? The first thing you should do is promote proper Internet habits by disconnecting the infected computer from the Internet and keep it disconnected until it has been repaired. This will limit the amount of damage the virus can do. Most viruses these days infect a computer and are designed to steal personal information that may be of a sensitive nature. This information is often harvested and stored by the virus for a predetermined length of time before it is transmitted back to the person that created the virus, so the sooner you disconnect your computer from the Internet the better. This will also help protect the computers and information of your friends and family members by eliminating the possibility of passing the virus on to them.

The next thing you will want to do is purchase an available antivirus program and install it. Some people recommend rebooting your infected computer in safe mode and going to an antivirus manufacturer's website to purchase and download to your computer. My personal recommendation is to make the necessary trip to a computer software retailer and purchase an actual copy of the program, bring it home, install it on the infected computer and follow all instructions that come with the package. If the virus can be detected, isolated and quarantined using an antivirus program then your problems will be solved. This will not always solve the problem, but it is the first step you should take to attempt a virus removal procedure.

If the virus that has infected your computer is not contained and removed by the antivirus software, then there aren't going to be many options left. If the virus has already corrupted too many of the computer's hardware and programs it may be simpler and easier to purchase a new model and start all over. Obviously if you have sensitive documents, files or information on the infected computer then you may need to take it to a professional repair facility in order to have the virus removed and your information recovered.

Regardless of whether you have your computer repaired or choose to buy a brand new one you need to address your Internet browsing habits and make some necessary corrections before proceeding to use the computer on the Internet again. If you don't develop better habits for browsing then you are more than likely headed right back down the path of catching future computer viruses. If you want your computer to operate effectively then you have to refrain from continuing your current Internet habits. Install an antivirus program, adjust the settings to your requirements or let the program install itself to factory set specifications. Use good judgment when visiting websites and stay away from ones you are unfamiliar with or that look somewhat suspicious as they probably have viruses on them. Stay away from pop-up ads and advertisement banners, respectable companies do not advertise that way, these are commonly associated with virus programs. If you have any doubts about clicking on a link, follow your gut instinct and avoid making that mistake. Remember, you alone are the best tool against catching another virus.

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