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VIPRE Anti-virus 2014 is a security software suite that combines anti-virus and anti-spyware into one neat and concise package. While the basic core package of this anti-virus solution provides ample security, it's older sibling, VIPRE's Internet Security packs quite a bit more of a punch. VIPRE, being relatively new to the industry is not to be taken lightly. This software uses the latest heuristic detection technology to insure that all customers remain confident in their security,

The Review

VIPRE Anti-virus 2014 has one of the fastest scanning programs in the industry. It runs silently in the background allowing customers to remain worry free about their browsing habits. It also has one of the smallest footprints in the anti-virus field, which keeps your computer functioning at optimum levels. There is no uninstall tool for this software so users have to remove the program from their systems through the Windows Add and Remove feature. VIPRE Anti-virus 2014 scored 75% when subjected to the AV Test Protection exam, which barely meets the lowest average standard for the anti-virus industry.

Installation Procedures

VIPRE Anti-virus software installation is a very easy process to go through. The entire procedure takes a few minutes from start to finish. Once the installation has been completed it doesn't require a system reboot and the installation wizard will ask a few basic generic questions before you can start discovering what this program has to offer.

The Interface

As far as anti-virus software goes, VIPRE has one of the smoothest and easiest to use interfaces across the industry. There are four simple tabs across the top of the home screen, Scan, Manage, Tools and Overview. Under the Scan tab customers can select which type of scan they want to perform, Quick, Deep or Custom. The Manage tab grants access to such features as the History, Scheduled Scans, Quarantine and Always Allowed sites. Clicking on the Tools tab will provide customers the opportunity to use such weapons as the Secure File Eraser, History Cleaner or PC Explorer. The Overview tab provides general information about how well your system is currently protected, as well as notifies you of any detected threats.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

VIPRE Anti-virus 2014 offers state of the art real time virus detection by using heuristic algorithms, signature based technology and behavioral analysis to provide customers with quality Internet security. This software detects viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and bots all with a single engine. The Secure File Eraser is a very unique tool that most other competitors decline to offer in any of their security suites. This useful tool will write 1's and 0's over deleted files, while the History Cleaner does better than advertised by cleaning deeper into the system than just the web browser you are currently using. The PC Explorer monitors both incoming and outgoing network traffic and notifies you of any possible threat or malicious code.

Performance Ratings

VIPRE Anti-virus 2014 scored right around the industry average when put to the test by an independent anti-virus testing source. There isn't anything wrong with the way the product performs, but there is definitely room for significant improvement. If future versions continue to make effective use of the technology that is available VIPRE may one day rank among the Top Three security suites, as it stands now it's having difficulty cracking very many of the Top Ten lists. It will provide ample security for any computer system, but there are a couple of other anti-virus packages worth looking at. For overall price and features it ranks right around the middle of the pack, about 2.5 out of 5 stars.


VIPRE has a solid, yet basic core payload of useful tools. It does have a few features that can't be found on similar products offered by competitors, but that doesn't necessarily indicate it has better potential than other programs to provide you with security. If you are looking for something new to try as an anti-virus solution VIPRE sure meets the qualifications to be given a shot. They may not have as much of a following as far as customer base goes, but if they continue to take steps in the right direction, they will carve out a loyal following all their own.

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