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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 has added a couple of smaller changes to this year's edition after the extensive overhaul the company completed on last year's model. While some of the features are very well designed such as the file encryption feature and the free storage, inconsistent test results from major independent testing facilities have served to shine a negative light on the product.

The Review

While last year saw drastic overhauls in design and onboard technology, this year's version capitalizes on those adjustments. With a cloud based detection system and compact user friendly interface Trend Micro is taking all the necessary steps to become one of the industry leaders. Although the changes were minimal they were still significant enough to warrant upgrading to the new version including increased mobile security for both iOS and Android operating platforms.

Installation Procedures

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 boasts one of the fastest download and install processes in the industry. Once the installer has been downloaded the entire ordeal takes less than a minute to perform. The only registration requirement is the entry of a valid email address before running the program. A system reboot isn't actually necessary in order for the program to run correctly, but it does seem to operate more effectively and efficiently after performing a reboot. Customers have the option to opt out of the Smart Protection Network without increasing the amount of risk their personal computer is exposed to.

The Interface

The interface on the 2014 version of Trend Micro's Titanium security suite has a couple of changes from last year's edition, such as the availability of adding a skin to the interface in order to personalize the system and give it some flair. The only other minor change appears to be the swapping of the Parental Control button with the System Tuner button. There are three major security fields and a status indicator to keep things looking nice and tidy. Security Summary, System Tuner and Parental Controls are the features customers can investigate and adjust to their own individual specifications. Of all the different anti-virus programs out there Trend Micro Titanium has one of the easiest and uncomplicated interface systems available. There is a Support link that resides in the upper right hand corner of the interface which is identified by a life saver buoy and a text definition. There are also a few buttons across the bottom which enables the user to perform quick scans or access other security threat reporting features.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 adds a couple of new engines to this year's model. One is designed to identify and stop ‘fake anti-virus' solutions from corrupting your computer, while the other is intended to protect you from harmful botnets. Aside from that most of the components that were available in last year's model are still present and most have been upgraded. The additional features for the most part are cosmetic and arbitrary like the ability to add a skin to the interface. That seems a little outlandish since most people don't tend to spend an excessive amount of time staring at their anti-virus program.

Performance Ratings

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 has a lot of room for improvement. It doesn't actually contain much in the way of real protection relying instead on expecting to block any possible virus threats. The security suite comes with one telltale feature that indicates a very troublesome aspect called Trend Micro's HouseCall Tool, which is the company's software solution for post infection cures for your personal computer. This tool wouldn't be necessary if the security suite did as advertised.


Trend Micro Titanium Maximum 2014 didn't make the same kinds of technological advancements that last year's edition did. Although it has nice enough features, the ratings it has received from independent testing facilities continue to keep it firmly in the background. The subpar performance standards just don't add up or compare with other well-established anti-virus providers. It remains to be seen what next year's version will offer, but with any foresight they will decide to invest and invigorate their suites to meet or exceed industry standards of acceptability.

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