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Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 has been given several prestigious awards for its innovation in anti-virus software technology. As a company that has only been in the industry since 1990, the Panda family of software products has achieved worldwide success. The latest security suite offered by Panda received a passing mark of 83% when subjected to the AV-Test protection testing procedures.

The Review

Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 continues to enjoy rapid growth across the security suite industry. This program offers some of the best technology available on the market, allowing it to achieve success rates that rank in the Top Three among the leading industry giants. The only two products with better results are Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus and Kaspersky Anti-virus, both coming in at 100% ratings in comparison to Panda's 83% ranking.

Installation Procedures

Installation of the Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 security suite couldn't be easier. With an advanced UI and fully functional installation wizard, this program like many others, requires a few simple clicks of various buttons in order for it to be downloaded, installed and ready to use.

The Interface

Panda's Interface is designed to be user friendly and interactive. All of the tabs have been identified with terms that can be easily understood. Navigation between the screens appears to run very smoothly without causing any lag or significant speed reduction to the computer itself. Loyal customers continue to flock to Panda anti-virus software solutions as their preferred choice of front line virus detection. The user interface allows customers to report suspicious activity found by their software directly to Panda Security for further investigation, which makes them an interactive part of Internet Security for the whole community.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 comes loaded with features most, if not all, customers have come to appreciate. Featuring Collective Intelligence Panda provides protection by using a cloud-based threat compilation procedure, which keeps your computer safe and virus free in real-time situations. Panda delivers the type of protection you need in order to surf the web worry free. An Anti-rootkit feature will help keep your computer safe from viruses that get buried deep within your system, while the USB Vaccine ensures no viruses are introduced through USB ports or devices. Anti-phishing software protects your computer from viruses designed to steal your identity. Web browser security is also included in the software package, ensuring that threats can't infiltrate through your web browser of choice. The new multimedia/gaming feature allows customers to activate it when necessary so they can continue using their computer as an entertainment center while the program runs in the background. Panda also uses behavioral technology called TruPrevent Technology, which uses heuristic scans to detect any unknown possible virus threat. The only visible drawback to this package involves the Customer Support department, which at the time is limited to contact via e-mail only.

Performance Ratings

As a leader in the industry of anti-virus security software Panda ranks among the best possible solutions for providing protection against viruses. The cutting edge technology used in the production of their Internet Security programs continues to be heralded by industry experts. In side by side comparisons Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 out performs most of the competition. The freedom of navigation between features is very smooth and allows for easy transitions. As with all programs of this nature there is room for improvement, especially in the Customer Support area. Trying to resolve an issue via e-mail can be a time consuming hassle, especially for those with an emergency situation. Aside from that this product receives 3.25 out of a possible 4 stars.


Panda Anti-virus Pro 2014 has come out of the gate running at full steam, aimed at procuring a larger share of the proverbial pie. They have gained International acceptance from the Internet community for providing some of the best technology and security software applications in the industry. Return customers rates seem to indicate there aren't enough bugs or problems with the system to cause them to discontinue using it even with the added hassle of e-mail only communication with Customer Support, which should leave those concerned with an added sense of satisfaction.

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