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Norton Anti-virus security suites have been around almost as long as the Internet itself. A world renowned anti-virus software provider Norton offers some of the strongest security, useful features and high standards of performance that the industry has available. Always considered one of the best solutions money can buy.

The Review

Symantec, which is the parent company responsible for Norton Anti-virus 2014, has initiated a complete change in direction over the last several years with regards to their Internet Security software platforms. It still isn't one of the smallest memory and storage consumers in the industry, but the enormous package of useful tools has never worked better than in the present package.

Installation Procedures

Norton Anti-virus 2014 marks the third consecutive year the program has upgraded its installation procedures making what was once a horrendous time consuming endeavor something less tasking. Once the installer has finished running the program is up and operational within a minute. Quite impressive considering previous editions seemed to take hours in comparison. Another new feature incorporated into the installation process is Norton's new behavior based detection engine called Quorum, which will ask you to participate in sending significant data to Symantec's cloud system. You have the opportunity to opt out of this feature, which the company claims will not negatively affect the amount of protection your local security provides.

The Interface

The new interface for Norton Anti-virus 2014 has a few changes from last year's edition. The dark background and yellow contrast are still present, but the overall aesthetic appearance is more streamlined and easier to use. The layout is much simpler than in the past, with Scanning options on the left, Updates in the Center and Advanced Tools on the right. Another new feature, which doesn't serve much of an actual purpose, is the inclusion of a world map that randomly gets lit up with little yellow pinpoints of light. According to Symantec, each of those pinpoints represents an actual real-time threat that was blocked by somebody using Norton Anti-virus 2014. This information may be interesting to look at but it really doesn't play any role in your own personal computer's security. The new Settings interface also has a unique feature this year that allows customers to ‘pin' things to the Advanced Screen so that they can get more accomplished in shorter time periods. There is also a CPU gauge, as well as a couple adjustments to the ‘Status Indicator.'

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

The cloud based Norton Community Watch system uses data submitted by over 58 million customers which is used in conjunction with the reputation based security check system to determine if any of the files you have downloaded, or the websites you downloaded them from should be red-flagged, isolated and removed. The Norton Insight System has been upgraded as well as the 4th generation of SONAR (Symantec Online network for Automatic Response), which is designed to seek out suspicious software activity and take automatic positive and protective reactions. In addition to the Custom, Full and Quick Scan options, customers can now use Norton Anti-virus 2014 to scan their Facebook walls for malicious links or harmful viruses. It also offers on demand scanning in addition to have an ‘always active' option which will keep the program running in the background while you are browsing online. If this option is activated then the security suite will monitor all incoming and outgoing network traffic for known viruses and malicious computer code. Customer Support is often funneled to online resources like the Live Chat feature that will allow you to Instant Message with a knowledgeable technician.

Performance Ratings

Norton has an average boot time of about 1 minute with a shutdown time of around 9 seconds. Quick scan results are usually prepared and ready within a 3 minute window, while Full System Scans average about 1 hour 45 minutes, a little longer than the industry average, but not enough to make it a distraction, most competitors that come in below this mark hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 hour 30 minutes, so if you've sat that long what's an extra 15 minutes out of your schedule.


Norton Anti-virus 2014 only includes the core security features, for any of the extras you will have to upgrade to Norton Internet Security. The basic package offered by Norton Anti-virus is comparable to free anti-virus software. If you are going to invest in one of these software programs, the Norton Internet Security suite is the one most recommended.

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