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McAfee Anti-virus Plus 2014 optimizes security suite solutions by incorporating anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware into one detection engine. As one of the older and well-known anti-virus developers, McAfee enjoys a solid, faithful and loyal customer base. They have successfully upgraded their current software to include some of the latest cutting edge technology.

The Review

McAfee has a long line of security suite software. Prices range from $39.99 up to $99.99 depending on which platform best suits your needs. There are currently 4 different suites to choose from, all with increasing productivity and tools. At one time anti-virus software came in one neat and tidy little box; however, McAfee like so many other anti-virus developers, seems destined to continue the practice of separating its programs into different categories.

Installation Procedures

McAfee Anti-virus 2014 has a very basic and simple download and installation process which involves an installation wizard which helps guide customers through the procedure and ensures the system is installed correctly and completely and is ready for use. The entire set-up doesn't take very long and after a few clicks and prompts the security suite will initiate a system scan and search for any malicious code or virus infection.

The Interface

McAfee's interface has some very unique features. This software allows customers the added advantage of surfing the Internet the way they want to. Loyal customers will be familiar with some of the features that have made their way into this next edition. McAfee Active Protection is an always active security system that is constantly running in the background, scanning both incoming and outgoing network traffic to provide risk assessment and prevent virus intrusion. There is also a two way firewall installed in the McAfee suite. Color coded icons next to your search results inform you of which sites are safe and which ones should be avoided. McAfee continues to have some of the fastest start up and scan times associated with this type of software. It also comes equipped with a Digital Data Shredder and McAfee QuickClean which will allow you to completely destroy digital media files as well as perform a tune-up on your personal computer.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

McAfee Anti-virus 2014 has a few exclusive features that are specific to their security suite. Anti-bot Protection will keep your computer free of stealthy botnet software that's designed to steal your personal information and any other sensitive data. It also has a USB and Removable Drive Scan system which will protect your computer against virus intrusion that comes in the form of these types of devices. McAfee also offers a Pre-Install Scan. As the software begins downloading it initiates a system scan during the process and works to remove viruses as it installs itself. This does make the installation process take a little bit longer than you would normally expect, especially if you have an older computer or one that has a significant amount of stored data on it. Customer Support for this software developer is offered through online live chat as well as a telephone number if you can dig it out of the system.

Program Ratings

McAfee Anti-virus 2014 scored relatively low in comparison to similar products provided by other software developers. It has an average rating with no significant eye candy to speak of. There are a couple of new features customers can use, and the program seems to work well with existing operating system programs. It does have a tendency to cause some computer lag at times, and there are other comparable security suites that are just as effective and do not create any negative effects when they are in use.


McAfee Anti-virus 2014 has its loyal fan base of returning customers, but they haven't really done a lot to maintain a position among the industry leaders. With more and more software developers jumping on the anti-virus bandwagon McAfee has left room for some significant improvement. In side by side comparisons with similar products McAfee doesn't pull away or lag behind any of them, it simply keeps pace, which isn't a very appealing aspect for a company that has been around this long.

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