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Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus is offered with some basic, yet solid security features. While it is true that most of the features this security suite offers are comparable to free anti-virus solutions, the Auto-Pilot feature of this program is an excellent choice for computer users who want the best security available without any of the hassle or annoyance normally associated with this type of software.

The Review

Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus offers a very strong security platform as an alternative to other anti-virus software developers and their products. The overall design concept is very basic. All of the useful tools are available as well as some very unique items that are made available for those that purchase the product. There are a couple of downfalls with the program as far as boot time and shut down procedures, if that doesn't pose any complications or problems for you then you should have no issues with using this program.

Installation Procedures

Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus does have some complications during the installation process. It still targets other security programs you have installed. Depending on what it detects as an additional security program, Bitdefender may cease to download altogether, requiring users to perform an uninstall procedure and remove all remnants or ghost before proceeding. This can be a time consuming hassle, but if you are a faithful customer you are probably already aware of this event and have dealt with it before. Another somewhat annoying feature is the registration process for the software which has been ingrained into the installation process. In the middle of the installation procedure the program will stop and require registration before it completes the entire process. This can be a hassle if you've clicked the button to begin the installation and then walked away from your computer thinking it would finish on its own. Once registration has been completed the remainder of the program downloads rather quickly and performs an initial system scan to ensure it hasn't been downloaded onto an infected computer.

The Interface

Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus marks the second year in a row that the overall interface has been reconfigured. The Intermediate and Advanced interface settings have been removed and everything has been replaced with a more streamlined style and significantly less clutter than any of the previous versions. Bitdefender also offers a three color warning system as opposed to the simpler two color process used by other security software programs. They use green for safe and red for dangerous, but they also include a yellow warning sign for imminent or possible threats which can be rather confusing. There are four main tools which can be dragged and dropped to allow customers the option of personalizing their program. There is also a settings window which can be accessed to adjust sliders per individual preference which will allow customers the opportunity to scan aggressively, normally or passively.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

As has already been stated, there aren't many extravagant features for Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus. The tools are very basic, as is the overall design and function ability of the entire system. That being said there is a new Auto-pilot feature, which essentially performs the same function as the ‘silent' or ‘gaming' modes offered by other competitors. It allows the program to continue running in the background when the computer is being used for something you don't want to have interrupted. Aside from that most of the features remain the same as last year's version.

Performance Ratings

Bitdefender has never claimed to be one of the fastest security suites on the market and this year's version isn't much different. Average full system scans were completed in a little over an hour and a half, which is pretty much standard throughout the industry. The performance issues related to this product involve the initial boot time and shut down time which continues to take longer than some other programs similar in nature.


Bitdefender remains competitive in the anti-virus industry by offering a wide range of features and top notch security. The only thing that appears to be a downfall is the boot time and shut down sequence. However, if you keep in mind the new Auto-pilot feature and you don't mind paying for a basic level of protection then Bitdefender is an affordable solution for you.

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