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Avira Anti-virus Premium 2014 has a significantly smaller footprint on the resources of your computer than other anti-virus solutions. In other words it won't overcrowd your memory or storage with bulky payloads that cause your computer to start running slower than normal. There are currently 140 million customers who prefer Avira's Anti-virus solution over all of the others on the market.

The Review

Avira offers both a paid subscription for the full anti-virus suite, as well as a free version for customers that aren't sure how compatible the product will be. Although the free version will provide you with a good deal of security the paid version has more options and provides significantly better protection.

Installation Procedures

Avira Anti-virus solutions are very easy to download and install and are ready to use within a matter of minutes. According to independent studies Avira offers one of the fastest scanning solutions available in anti-virus software across the board with scanning speeds documented at an incredible 17MB per second. It has a very user friendly installation wizard that will assist customers with making any necessary adjustments or modifications, including a one click-fix button which allows users the opportunity to back track an errant step and resume their tasks. Avira uses what it calls an Express installation procedure which allows customers to download, install and configure the program to their specifications within a few simple clicks.

The Interface

Avira's Anti-virus Premium 2014 has a very clean and concise interface, free from clutter, making it a nice and easy process when navigating around the various features. Most of the tabs follow the basic format one would expect from an anti-virus suite. They are easy to understand and require no effort to access. Customers will be able to identify the areas of the program that they would like to explore without having to print off an online manual to study. Maneuvering from one area or feature of the program to another is far less time consuming with Avira than it is with other similar software. The tabs are all defined using terms that are easy to identify, while the icons that are present are pretty much self-explanatory, making this system a breeze to use by the novice as well as the experienced anti-virus veteran.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

System Scanner does just what the name implies only faster and more efficiently than other security software. The anti-phishing feature monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic for threats to your personal information. Anti-adware and anti-spyware disables any annoying pop-ups and blocks any online spy programs such as keyloggers. Rootkit Protection detects, contains and confines viruses that remain hidden to conventional virus detection methods. The Prevention/Real-Time Protection feature offers security against viruses in between full system scans. Avast also has a proactive feature which is designed to stop unknown threats through behavioral tracking methods. In addition the use of AHeAD technology inspects any incoming code for malicious intent, keeping your computer protected against even the remotest possibility of catching a virus.

Performance Ratings

Avira Anti-virus Premium 2014 has established itself as one of the industry leaders through hard work, dedication and cutting edge technology. This software security suite already has many satisfied customers, and by the looks of it, there are due to be several millions more. Everything on this program worked as advertised without creating any negative impact on the systems used during the trial period. The scanning speeds associated with the software are some of the quickest on the market, which frees up more time for users to resume their daily duties.


Avira's Anti-virus suites have enjoyed rave reviews from customers worldwide. They continue to employ the latest technology available within the industry and strive to place a better protection program on the market. The free version provides sufficient Internet security for most users, while the paid version has some very useful tools the free version has disabled. Considering the relatively low cost of the paid subscription, if you enjoy the free version, you will love the full version, even if it does cost you a little bit of an investment. If you've never used Avira products before take advantage of the free trial version prior to making a purchase of the full program.

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