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Avast Pro Anti-virus continues to be an industry leader in top-shelf features for free versions of virus detecting software, including hybrid virus update technology, as well as having a very strong file reputation analysis. There are currently over 150 million loyal subscribers in the Avast family of both the free and paid versions of their products.

The Review

Avast aims to compete on both fronts of the anti-virus field, the paid as well as the free market, by continuing to take a more uniform approach to providing Internet security. Avast has removed the quirky and hard to use interface it had long been plagued with and replaced it with a much smoother and user friendly environment for all users to navigate through.

Installation Procedures

Avast has significantly improved the installation process, not that it is the fastest in the industry, but normal download and installation times range around 3 minutes. On the downside of the installation process, those who are using Windows 7, Vista or the WebRep browser add-on will need to use the Custom installation option in order to avoid the gadgets for these items. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer block forced add-ons, so after you pull up one of these browsers for the first time after install you will be asked if you want to allow the add-on. On the plus side, Avast doesn't require a reboot once the installation is complete. Avast also has a new installation option that is only available through the Custom install menu that lets you install Avast as a secondary security suite to your main program. While this might allow the user the opportunity to run side-by-side comparisons it could also cause significant reduction in operating speed by using an enormous amount of memory on your system.

The Interface

There haven't been many adjustments or modifications to the Avast interface over the last 3 years. There have been a few minor cosmetic changes as far as color schemes go but nothing that has served a significant purpose. The Summary Tab continues to be highlighted with the familiar colors of green for safe and red for hazardous or dangerous, while providing up-to-date information regarding the different functions and features of the program, such as shield status, virus definitions, auto-update notifications, which version of the program you are using, as well as whether or not the gaming mode has been activated. There are also two sub-menus included in the Summary Tab, one for Cloud Services and one for Statistics. Overall the interface for Avast security suites was found to be extremely user friendly and uncomplicated, allowing for easy navigation between screens for different features and functions.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

Avast 2014 has several new features and additional content available for purchase, intended to be used in conjunction with existing anti-virus program features. The Additional Protection Tab allows customers greater flexibility in using or purchasing additional security features. A Rescue Disk, Annual back-up Services, as well as Avast's Easy Pass, are just a few of the products that are available for use with any of their products.

Performance Ratings

Avast has included a file reputation for evaluating downloads. While this technology has been offered by other anti-virus developers, Avast is the first to include it in the free version of their security suite. The overall performance of this product was very impressive. None of the features or functions appeared to create a negative effect on the computer systems they were installed on, providing free, smooth flowing access and navigation between the screens for viewing different features.


Avast 2014 has established and maintained some very solid industry benchmarks. The user friendly interface is one of the easiest to use on the market. It isn't complicated or difficult to navigate your way to where you want to be. This is a very appealing aspect for first time users and returning loyal customers. As far as free anti-virus programs are concerned, Avast has the best technology included in its software, and should maintain its position as the top leading free anti-virus solution, that comes highly recommended by customers from all walks of life. If you are looking for the best, then Avast is the choice for you!

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