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With AVG Anti-virus 2014 you can rest assured that your computer is effectively protected while surfing on the Internet, visiting social networks, gaming or using Instant Messenger features. AVG 2014 Anti-virus has an active feature which keeps the program silently running in the background while you are performing other tasks. This feature monitors all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic to prevent you from sending or receiving any infected files.

The Review

AVG Anti-virus 2014 is offered as both a free version and a fully paid subscription, allowing potential customers the opportunity to use the product before deciding to make a purchase of the full program. AVG Anti-virus solutions remain popular protection programs among their loyal customer base.

Installation Procedures

AVG Anti-virus 2014 is one of the easiest security platforms to download and install. The installation wizard is very easy to follow and demands a reboot once the installation is complete in order to update the program and make sure all of its functions and features are operational and read to use.

The Interface

The Interface of the new 2014 AVG Anti-virus is very user friendly and easy to navigate. All tabs are either well-defined or are easy to recognize. The tabs for Files, Components, History, Tools and Help are located along the top left of the home screen, while the Support button is located in the upper right hand corner. Update, Overview and Scan buttons are located in a left hand window that are easy to access and maneuver around without much difficulty. The Overview tab option displays the different virus detecting programs that are running, as well as the features that are available for those that want to use them. All of the components can be accessed through the Overview tab, from one convenient location so customers don't have to dig around for the features they want to activate, configure or shut off.

The Bells, Whistles & Customer Support

AVG Anti-virus 2014 comes with several different tantalizing features. AVG Mobilation allows you to use the same security software for your portable computing devices, such as smart phones or tablets. The PC Analyzer will perform analysis of Registry Errors, Junk Files, Disk Fragmentation and Broken Shortcuts, all of which can have a negative effect on your computer. Family Safety is a feature that allows customers to set parental controls for their children or others that might be using the computer. Identity Protection is a feature designed to detect keyloggers or other types of viruses that come looking to harvest your sensitive information. Link Scanner monitors all incoming and outgoing network traffic and alerts you to any threats that are present. E-mail Protection keeps the unsolicited SPAM from reaching your inbox and scans all attachments received by approved contacts. Anti-rootkit Protection keeps your computer safe from viruses that are designed to infiltrate the boot sector of our hard drive. There is also an onboard Speed Test which allows customers the opportunity to view the connection speed they have to the Internet.

Performance Ratings

AVG Anti-virus is one of the faster protection programs on the market. It's always active feature allows it to download updates in a timely fashion, providing better protection for your computer on a daily basis. The time it takes to conduct a complete System Scan varies depending on the age of your computer, the amount of data stored on it, as well as any adjustments you may have made to the settings of the program. Customers also have the option of setting up schedules to conduct scans at specific times and managing those schedules to allow for better productivity from their computer.


AVG Anti-virus 2014 is one of the faster, easier to use security software platforms available on the market. It enjoys continued popularity from a loyal fan base. As one of the more user friendly anti-virus programs out there it maintains a strong foothold as one of the top-notch solutions across the industry. The easy to use interface and hassle free environment it provides should attract customers from several of its competitors. The free version has many of the full version features and operates very smoothly without any lag or interruption.

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